Performance, Installation, Social Sculpture [2017]  cooperation with the music band Flying Moon in Space

Schaltkreis Portfolio [engl.]

Schaltkreis Portfolio [dt.]

A Homeostat for the harmony of the people

Schaltkreis is a mechanical painting, where every individual can participate. The machine will unites all at the same tune. Whatever the participants do, they can´t interrupt the harmonious game of the machine. Based on the cybernetic control machines of today's neoliberal corporate culture for creating environments without conflicts and pure effiency. Schaltkreis explores the social fields between totalitarianism, freedom, collectivity and individual. There is a ultra-dynamic state, which uses any kind of disturbance for its own self-preservation.


SCHALTKREIS / Spinnerei Chemnitz 2017


SCHALTKREIS / Kulturbahnhof Kassel 2017